How Reliable are Personality Tests in the Recruitment Process?

How reliable are personality tests in assisting in the recruitment process? Personality Tests are questionnaires or any other standardized instrument designed to reveal aspects of an individual’s character or psychological makeup. Personality tests are used for the purpose of assessing theories, to look at changes in one’s personality, to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy, used to […]

What are the Booming Industries in the Philippines?

The Philippine economy has been overcoming economic fallback both locally and internationally. This occurrence proves that the Philippines’ economy is booming, with a growing demand in labor and increase in compensation. In this regard, the possibility of an influx of potential investment and opportunities for growing markets and industries is not impossible to happen. With […]

Overcoming Challenges in the Emerging Markets in Terms of Finding the Right Candidate

Hiring for the best talents play an important role and part in an organization’s growth and development agendas. It is important that recruitment and human resource practitioners are aware of current trends in their area of specialization. Being knowledgeable of current challenges are important so it may be addressed and managed. Executive search companies are […]

Harper & Hill Executive Search, Inc. Opens its Door in the Philippines

Harper and Hill Executive Search Inc is pleased to launch its business in the Philippines. The launching was headed by its Managing Director for Asia Pacific Angelo Cenon Valdez and General Manager for Philippines Erika Villasenor-Ngo. The gathering was attended by Harper & Hill’s senior consultants and researchers – close friends were also present to show […]

Hiring Trends in the Emerging Markets in Asia

We now live our lives circling a modernized and globalized economy. As a result, the competition for acquiring talent has become a global occurrence. Thanks to the rise of modern technology, smaller companies are also able to reach out to farther places and recruit and hire talent from around the world. However, not all people […]