How Reliable are Personality Tests in the Recruitment Process?

How reliable are personality tests in assisting in the recruitment process?

Personality Tests are questionnaires or any other standardized instrument designed to reveal aspects of an individual’s character or psychological makeup. Personality tests are used for the purpose of assessing theories, to look at changes in one’s personality, to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy, used to diagnose psychological problems, and used in screening potential employees.

A candidate’s personality has a significant role to play in deciding whether he has the enthusiasm and the motivation that the employer is looking for. Also, personality tests may determine how well a candidate is going to fit in to the organization. This can create a window where recruiters can see a candidate’s personality, attitude, and general work style. Personality can affect the day-to-day operations of a business and an organization. Either help build the company towards success or can only cause the business and productivity to slow down.

Personality tests may be given to applicants to check skills and experiences, to assess enthusiasm and motivation, or to evaluate personality and attitude. Effective recruiters use personality assessments to be able to enhance their decision-making about potential candidates.

Recruiters would want to place someone who are able to relate to other people, candidates who are able to express themselves and deliver a conversation, and also how well they are able to function under certain and expectations and dynamic working environment.This can measure various personalities and can give information to recruiters:

  1. Personality tests can help assist the recruiter whether one candidate is open to working with other people. Candidates who can cooperate well and contribute to tasks and if the candidate is able to provide suggestions and solutions to problems.

  2. Recruiters also want to know if one candidate is capable of empathy and concern towards other people – regardless of the issue being work-related or not.

  3. Recruiters want to assess if one candidate able to work alone with minimal supervision, become innovative and is able to multi-task.

  4. Personality tests can also assist recruiters understand if one candidate able to work under pressure or not. This tests can reflect if one candidate is calm, relaxed, and rational.

However, there are also challenges and precautions that recruiters have to consider when giving personality tests to potential candidates:

  1. It may be possible that candidates may engage in deception when answering personality inventories. Some candidates may tend to skew answers to achieve desirable results or to put them in a good light – this may lead to a case of applicant faking.

  2. Another challenge is that some candidates may have problems or concerns in answering personality tests because they are not so good at accurately describing their own behaviour. If in the event that candidates take the test for granted, this may have a serious impact on the accuracy of a personality test.

  3. One challenge that needs to be considered is how the tests are made. Tests need to promote standardization that can be observed regardless of culture. Application-based personality tests may give circumstances that other culture or other demographics might not be able to relate to or understand.

  4. Another challenge that recruiters need to understand is that some tests can take long enough and can eat a lot of time which may cause the candidate to get bored and frustrated. When this happens, candidates will answer the questions as quickly as possible, without understanding the context or not even reading the questions.

Recruiters should be able to manage these concerns by properly informing the candidates that there are no right or wrong answers when taking the personality test. The recruiters must be able to educate and inform the candidates why a personality test is needed…

The question is how reliable are personality tests in terms of the recruitment process?

It may become reliable to assist in the recruitment process as long as it is administered properly give that recruiters are able to properly inform the potential candidates of the intentions of taking the test. This can also help the recruiter in the process of decision making, personality inventories can provide or can result to some information that candidates were unable to declare. It may also become reliable to the recruitment process since the purpose of the test is to establish what a person would be likely to do, what they’re like, what their preferences are, and what they would like to be. It can be a good indicator whether one candidate has the potential to be productive or to just slack off. The use of personality tests can also be used to help create a development plan for a candidate by being able to identify the person’s strengths and opportunities.

Yes, it may be reliable but it is still important that there should be the presence of competent recruiters who are able to evaluate the candidate’s thoughts regardless of having a basis from the personality test. Organizations should not only bank on expensive and high-end personality inventories, it is also important to have skilled recruiters who are able to identify, deliver, and make sure that they have the right candidate.

Harper & Hill Executive Search makes sure that our recruiters are already able to evaluate the potential candidates whether they fit the job function or not. And also to check if they are able to perform with specific organizations that may match they work preferences. The recruiters at Harper & Hill Executive Search pushes and drives the candidates to be transparent enough for the purpose of properly classifying their skills and personalities. With the help of personality tests, this can assist the recruiters to match opportunities to our clients’ recruitment expectations, demands, and needs.

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What are the Booming Industries in the Philippines?

The Philippine economy has been overcoming economic fallback both locally and internationally. This occurrence proves that the Philippines’ economy is booming, with a growing demand in labor and increase in compensation. In this regard, the possibility of an influx of potential investment and opportunities for growing markets and industries is not impossible to happen. With healthy and sustainable economic growth, coupled with strong consumer purchasing power, the Philippines is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect for several markets. However, these investments may focus on the industries and sectors that show potential development and growth. These industries can also become a focal point for Executive Search companies to establish a wide array of recruitment opportunities and possible partnerships. Listed are industries that are expected to grow and develop.

  1. CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. This sector is expected to sustain growth and development in the country. Both public and private sector construction activities have shown to be very active. If the industry continues to sustain its growth, forecasts for the infrastructure industry to provide profit will be observed and experienced. However, the growth of this industry works side by side the local government due to having several projects lined up and creating possibilities for various partnerships with different construction companies. On the other hand, the private sector also experiences a boost in the industry being a private company alone.


    source: Google Images

  2. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY. This industry has not really experienced struggle in the market because of the demand for it although it has shown potential to grow bigger and provide a sustainable market. If the automotive industry continues to show a relatively great development, forecasted growth would also entail the increase in sales and profit for this specific industry. Accompanied by this growth reflects the number of Filipinos who can afford to buy new cars and the developing economy of the country. This growth is also supported by the introduction of new models and motor vehicles by major automotive firms.
  3. MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY. Growth is now experienced in the manufacturing sector since it started strongly in its production of chemical products and manufacturing food. It is expected to grow more strongly and exponentially if the demand also increases, which is forecasted to do so. Consumer goods, mainly food manufactures, still contribute highly to this success and growth. Intermediate goods like chemical products and petroleum reflect a rather slow improvement due to the decline in its demand globally. However, this does not affect the industry here in the country where local production still takes place. With this market showing great potential, companies should remain vigilant as there are several risks that can hinder the growth and development.

    source: Google Images

    source: Google Images

  4. REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY. It has presumed to be an exciting development for the property sector as real estate developments as it shifts its focus on catering to specific needs. The only challenge that can hinder growth are factors such as the over-supply of past property investments and developments that have occurred in the market over the past few years. As the demand for workers increase in a specific area, most likely in the central business districts, the demand for shelter and a place to stay also increases which paves way to the growing sector of real estate and property. Developers have also found a way to device homes that have lesser amenities which entail it to be more practical and affordable. Forecasts for the growth for this sector are steady and continuous. This also means that development and growth is experienced long-term.
  5. IT AND BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY. Despite being tackled a few many times, this industry is still set to be a growing sector in the country. It remains to be the largest and fastest-growing industry based on revenues alone. The demand for the services that this sector has to offer is not only needed locally but also in the international market as well. Several partnerships and collaborations have been laid to further the growth of the IT-BPM Industry.
  6. BANKING INDUSTRY. The Banking Industry has also been forecasted to grow and develop over the coming years. Although it is expected to grow at a steady pace, it has shown great potential with its capability to generate great income and revenue. Also, banks have shown potential for business both local and abroad. Given that the government has revised certain rules for banking and investing in the country, giving power to international banks to do business in the local region. Through this step, growth can be achieved for this sector.

    source: Google Images

    source: Google Images

These sectors have shown potential in growing exponentially and help sustain the economic development of the country. As these industries open new horizons and businesses and opportunities to many people, it is also in the hands of the people to create and develop these sustainable markets to achieve forecasted growth and development.

Harper & Hill Executive Search have studied these industries and have determined several recruitment strategies that will equal to positive results. We have devised several ways of forming partnerships in these industries to provide quality talent and highly-functioning workers. Our firm have established a foundation where expected results are delivered regardless of changes in the forecasted development in these industries. This is because our firm is able to build capabilities by sharing best practices, having innovative solutions, and being able to manage partnerships to achieve success.


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Overcoming Challenges in the Emerging Markets in Terms of Finding the Right Candidate

Hiring for the best talents play an important role and part in an organization’s growth and development agendas. It is important that recruitment and human resource practitioners are aware of current trends in their area of specialization. Being knowledgeable of current challenges are important so it may be addressed and managed.

Executive search companies are no different from in-house HR departments. Different sectors and industries may experience the same difficulties and problems in regard to hiring and recruitment. Given the difficulties, executive search companies should be able to create functional processes and standardized recruitment strategies.

The recruitment patterns and processes have been through several changes in the past few years as economical and technical aspects have become very dynamic and have been altered to create a more fitting process depending on specific demands as per roles and client companies. With these changes come different challenges that executive search firms have to overcome as well. In this regard, it would be helpful to know common challenges that executive search firms will and can experience throughout these changes. Let’s look at these challenges that need attention.

1.Effective and Consistent Recruiters

Executive search firms have become a big and successful business over the years. And as the industry grows, the call to become a recruiter and earn a great deal of profit has grown as well. No matter how easy it is to close the role or how abundant the talent pool is, it all boils down to how effective the recruiter is. How smart the recruiter is to utilize every strategy and every possible way to attract and get the right candidate. Also, recruiters should be able to open up to the changes that are happening as the business advances forward. Some recruiters may appear to have adapted better in the market in the past but is struggling to keep up now because they forget to also take time to know or make themselves aware of the changes that are happening now. Some recruiters also tend to copy others’ strategy regardless of it being effective or not. Recruiters are afraid of taking risks and create their own strategies simply because it is not practiced by others. It now becomes important to assess the recruiters’ effectiveness and competitiveness to be able to provide and deliver. One recruiter can place a new hire after another but being a consistent performer can mark that spot in the industry. A recruiter should set a timeline and should be able to pitch and sell a potential candidate to the client. This, of course, is to put a mark on the recruiter’s dedicated service and effective performance and consistency. This also builds a strong partnership with the recruitment firm and with the clients.


Once the perfect candidate has been found, the executive search firm wants exclusive rights to this profile. Recruitment firms can search and target the same profile at the same time during the process of sourcing, and this can cause confusion and candidate duplication. Recruitment firms want to make sure that this candidate is tagged under them and not with another search firm. However, the client companies can also play a vital role in this situation. They are entitled to decide and dictate what happens depending on the satisfaction they receive with the presented profile. It becomes important that these recruitment firms have completed several hiring requirements such as having interviewed the candidate whether face-to-face or over the phone. Another requirement is have permission from the candidate to release necessary information and details to the client company. Through these requirements, ownership is obtained by the firm who has worked harder than the other firms and is entitled to the candidate and placement. In this regard, firms should make sure that the profile they will present are also informed of the process and are able to declare that they have been presented by the respective recruitment firm.

source: GoogleImages

source: Google Images

3.Identifying the Perfect Candidate

Hiring good candidates can be challenging. There are several factors that can affect an application and the process of hiring. Some profiles have the right skills that match a job together with having the right educational background and work history. However, there can be multiple factors and more information needed that what is stated on paper. In the early stages of the hiring process, it does not guarantee that you get the right candidate at once. Searching for the right candidate has been the most common challenge every recruitment firm has encountered, and is still something most companies are experiencing until now. As demands from client companies have become more specific in regard to candidate skills and work background, somehow, these candidates have become difficult to find. In the process of hiring, it is important to consider that skills alone do not guarantee that the recruiter will hire the right candidate. The recruiters should consider that prospective candidates should possess skills and characteristics that not only matches the role or function but also aligns with the companies’ goals and aspirations. To overcome this, executive search firms should be able to step up their game and go the extra mile. Learn to broaden the scope of the search and the farther you get the more quality and fitting candidates you are able to pool for the role you are trying to fill. Another way is to clearly state what the client is looking for. While not every potential candidate will possess all the skills that are required for the role, it does not hurt to prioritize candidates that already have the complete skillset. This can help the recruiter weed out candidates that are good from the ones that are not so much. To also overcome the tedious process of constantly communicating with the client as to why the candidates that were presented have been failing, recruiters should be able to note all the information they need from the profiles and assess the candidates once they are able to interview them.

4.Recruiting Timeline and Efficiency

The recruitment business has been moving faster as compared to the past, and a firm that is not dynamic enough will surely be left behind and will fail to compete and provide. Indecisive clients can suppress and slow down the recruitment process. Part of this delay can cause a temporary slowdown in the placements as well. It now becomes important in the part of the recruitment firms to be quick and efficient in interviewing candidates and presenting them to the clients. With this, recruiters should also be able to prompt their clients to act faster on the hiring process and decide quickly. At some point, some client companies assume that to be able to get the right candidate, it is through sending the profile through several interviews. This is because this has become a trend that prolonging and taking more time to make a hiring decision will also result to better hires. Although for the most part, this is not always the case. A candidate who is actively looking out can have several interviews and offers with different companies. And if the client tends to move slowly with the hiring process, chances are, they could miss a good hire and all efforts you’ve made are put to waste. It is important to make the client understand that there should be a timeline set for specific vacancies. Not only should this timeline setting be practiced by the recruitment firms, but should also be used by the client companies as well. A role that has been vacant for a long time can have an effect on the company externally. Given that the role has not been filled for too long, it may give out a sense of incompetence from the part of the client because of prolonging the hiring process and indecisiveness. This event can also create a toll on the part of the recruitment firm so this should be something that is properly explained by the recruiters to the client companies.

source: Google Images

source: Google Images

5.Indecisive Candidates

Indecisive clients are just one challenge but combining it with indecisive candidates is another topic. Candidates tend to go for several interviews and in return would tend to have several offers presented to them. It is now the recruiter’s task to carefully talk to the profile and make sure he or she understands what the client company has to offer. The recruiter should learn how to make the interview process a great experience. In this process, the recruiter should ensure that the concerns and queries of the candidate are properly addressed and entertained. Some candidates feel the need to be taken care of and recruiters should be able to give the needed to make sure the profile accepts the offer and close the deal.

6.Effective Use of Search Mediums

Communication is key. Aside from effective processes and strategies recruitment firms are putting into practice, job boards and other search engines play a good role in the hiring process as well. If one firm uses sloppy search engines and old-fashioned tools, chances are, that recruitment firm would not be able to make noise in the market and will be ignored, making that company fall behind. This becomes a challenge since some recruiters rely on job boards itself, making the recruiters complacent and just waiting for candidates to click on postings and submit their applications. This should be something that recruiters have to improve on since recruitment requires a pro-active behavior to get the job done. The use of job boards should only be a part of the recruitment process and should not become the process as a whole. Recruiters should also be knowledgeable enough to know the interface of different job boards and posting. It is important when it comes to job posting, that job orders are posted quickly and are easily viewed so potentially good profiles are easily found and matched to a job. It is good to invest in these tools and engines if you are able to utilize everything it can offer and can save you time effectively. The right profile may be difficult to find, but with good use of your resources, it does not make it impossible.

These challenges are real and can be experienced by any recruitment firm. However, these are also opportunities for the firms to look into and determine the points of improvement. When one firm identifies and addresses the hurdles the company is experiencing, they can create plans and strategies to overcome these challenges and eventually succeed.

These difficulties are observed by Harper & Hill Executive Search. Our firm have mapped solutions to address these difficulties by:

  • Creating a pro-active partnership not only with the clients we support but also with the candidates that we source and acquire.
  • Leveraging on modern technology to reach out to potentially good profiles that fit the job function.
  • Having a wide-scope of database that have been filtered and reviewed that enables us to properly match opportunities with candidates.
  • Establishing rapport to candidates and making the recruitment process an enjoyable experience.
  • Harper & Hill Executive Search is also represented by experienced and highly-skilled consultants and recruiters with an extensive background in recruitment that will work with its clients to achieve, deliver, and overcome recruitment expectations.


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Harper & Hill Executive Search, Inc. Opens its Door in the Philippines

Harper and Hill Executive Search Inc is pleased to launch its business in the Philippines. The launching was headed by its Managing Director for Asia Pacific Angelo Cenon Valdez and General Manager for Philippines Erika Villasenor-Ngo. The gathering was attended by Harper & Hill’s senior consultants and researchers – close friends were also present to show support and witness the launching of the company. The launching took place in its office in the leading Central Business District in the Philippines, Bonifacio Global City Metro Manila.

Harper & Hill

Harper & Hill

Harper & Hill

Harper and Hill specializes in the Executive Search of Senior Management positions in Asia. We have consultants in different industries and regions in Asia. Each of our consultants have more than 10 year experience in the Executive Search industry with hundreds of placements and numerous satisfied clients.

With the company starting in the Philippines, it proceeds to offer its specialization in various verticals and industries.

1.       Executive Search. We specialize in the recruitment of World-class Senior Level Management Executives. Our international network and connectivity enables us to serve our clients and candidates seamlessly across Asia Pacific Region.

2.       Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We provide Recruitment Process Outsourcing for a systematic approach in building a great team. RPO is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider.

3.       Harper and Hill provides the comprehensive and smart solutions for your organization. Whether you’re looking for a shortlist of high-caliber candidates or a potential company acquisition, we give strategic advice on starting a new practice or recruitment process design.

Harper & Hill

Our dedicated expert Consultants, top-notch Consultants with more than 10 years of experience, cover different industries from Banking & Shared Services, Supply Chain and Logistics, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, BPO and Call Centers.

Harper and Hill Executive Search Inc continues to grow and create impact in emerging countries. Soon, the company will be able to cater to different recruitment needs of its clients across the APAC region.

Harper and Hill is an executive Search company with a far reaching network that enables you to seamlessly connect with qualified candidates all over the world. There is no doubt, we are the best choice for your recruitment needs. So from now on, enjoy your business nights! Let the Harper and Hill Executive Search Team worry about your top level hiring needs.

Contact Details :

Managing Director for Asia Pacific : Angelo Cenon Valdez

General Manager for Philippines : Erika Villasenior-Ngo

Senior Researcher – Emerging Market : Blytton Fernandez

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Hiring Trends in the Emerging Markets in Asia

We now live our lives circling a modernized and globalized economy. As a result, the competition for acquiring talent has become a global occurrence. Thanks to the rise of modern technology, smaller companies are also able to reach out to farther places and recruit and hire talent from around the world. However, not all people are the same – who we are, what we like, and how we run our business. Since recruitment and hiring have become a global situation, employers have to be smart and wise in regard to recruiting strategies. For now, we turn our attention to emerging markets where these countries will soon become great sources of talent for both large and small companies.

  1. Know the Culture of the Emerging Market

Emerging markets are found globally. And if you are to recruit for one specific market, it is important to know the local culture. It may be possible that your best used hiring strategy for one market may not be that effective for the other. Thus, necessary adjustments have to be made. It will be really important that the executive search firms and recruiters are able to understand the talent in a given market and how they would really respond to opportunities. Since each market is unique, things to look out for when hiring are interests in mobility, career aspirations, and effective ways of communicating.

  1. Geography and Location

Location plays a key role in hiring for emerging markets. Most job seekers consider the location of the role in regard to their career mobility. From this point, recruiters should be equipped with information and selling skills as to why it would be great to consider the role, regardless of location. Executive search recruiters should be skilled in creating negotiations and adjustments that allows the candidates to consider the opportunity and not letting potential candidates go to waste.

source: Google Images

source: Google Images

  1. Invest in Local Talent

Though hiring for expats have become a common occurrence for big companies, local talent should also be considered for several roles especially for the top management. Some multinational organizations are no longer following this trend, rather, starting to invest in local talent and developing them in several aspects to become great contributions to the company. Although it is important to also set and define career paths and growth opportunities that are available for local talent, so this would be clear to the employees that they can own their mobility.

  1. Competitive Compensation

Given that recruiters are hiring for emerging markets, this means that potential growth of the company will be experienced also. This growth would entail profit and development thus matching the talents’ expectations in regard to compensation and salary. This is something that the recruiters can offer when recruiting and hiring the right candidates.

  1. Technology Becomes a Part of the Process

Technology has created a significant impact in the hiring process given that it has created convenience between the recruiter and the job seeker. Several preliminary and early interviews are now being setup via call or Skype and then attendance for final interviews are the only time it requires the job seeker personally.

source: Google Images

source: Google Images

Every company is different, so these trends do not necessarily impact the same companies. However, if the recruitment firm desires to dominate the market and the industry, taking these trends into consideration can be a start or pioneering with new trends can be done as well.

Countries in Asia have the potential to grow and develop exponentially, although some countries have specific industries that provide these growth and development. It would be great to know more about growing markets and understand the emerging industries for specific countries.


The Manufacturing Industry plays a big part in Vietnam’s economy as an emerging market. Focused more on textile and clothing and garment manufacturing, this has given the country growth in revenue and sales and the demand grew rapidly as well. This growth also contributes to another sector which is the Import & Export Industry. This industry has been catering to the demands of clothing merchandise not only locally but internationally as well. The Electronics Industry in Vietnam is also seen to catch up with that of the other countries. Vietnam is a prospect for electronics producers since cost is relatively low but skilled workers are high enough to support the businesses. Although this industry is seen to grow over the years, changes need to be made so Vietnam can be at par with other emerging countries and sustain development in this specific industry.

source: Google Images

source: Google Images


Similar to Vietnam, the Manufacturing Industry has also been seen as a growing industry in Malaysia. Although, there was a minor fallback for this industry in the recent years, it has proved to grow and will be able to sustain development for the coming years. Commercial Aviation Industry sales are also forecasted to grow over the future, given that it has been boosted by growing middle class and open skies policy. The tourism sector also contributes to this growth in an effort to attain higher sales and profit. The Agriculture Sector in Malaysia also continues to grow with the economy. Though this sector is largely dependent on the country’s natural resources, this is something that the country is able to sustain. The Biotechnology Sector also makes its mark in Malaysia. It has been noticed that a lot of major biotechnology research centers have set up in the country. This, of course, will benefit local businessmen by creating several partnerships with international companies. Similar to Vietnam, the Electronics Industry is seen to help Malaysia grow as an emerging country. This is due to the increasing demand for electronic devices that are used in everyday living.


The food and beverage sector in Indonesia is expected to grow bigger due to its demographic profile, growing population, and rising income levels has presented opportunities in the consumer sector. This is also the result of embracing new cultures and trying out cuisines especially from the Western area. This occurrence stipulates investment and profit to and from local companies and also from foreign companies.


Thailand is no different from Vietnam and Malaysia in regard to growing sectors. Thailand has also been seen to evolve in the manufacturing industry mainly with its production of light pick-up trucks, hard disk drives, and is also known to have the top spot of manufacturing natural and synthetic rubber.

Although similarities between several industries are noticed within these countries, the points of expertise are different. Thus, providing each market to properly emerge and excel in their respective industries. This also gives them the growth and development they need to be able to sustain a profitable market and industry. Also, these countries are not limited to focus on these sectors mentioned but can focus on other sectors which can provide them growth, development, and sustainability.


Automotive and Construction Industries are showcasing growth and development in the Philippines. Stability is expected in both sectors also given that the demand for vehicles and infrastructures are rising and increasing. The Real Estate Industry is also expected to grow and flourish in the country along with the demand for shelter and acquisition of properties. It is seen to showcase long-term developments that will be experienced slowly through the coming years. The Banking Sector is also expected to grow and develop although expected to flourish at a steady pace. The IT and Business Process Management Industry, despite a big and flourished sector already, is still expected to grow and create several economic opportunities in the Philippines.

From a recruitment perspective, soon enough, these emerging markets will be able to provide several business opportunities to executive search companies. Harper & Hill Executive Firm will be ready to take on the challenge simply because it does not only support one country but supports several locations across Asia Pacific. The reach that Harper & Hill Executive Search have created signifies its capacity to provide and deliver what is expected from a recruitment firm. As these emerging markets continue to develop, Harper & Hill Executive Search will continue to create recruitment platforms and activations that will assist and sustain the growth of the clients’ recruitment demands and needs.


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