Look Beyond: How Executive Search Works?

The Executive Search or the “Headhunting” is the process of recruiting individuals to fill executive positions in organizations. Executive Search firms also help clients draft accurate and enticing job descriptions to draw in a pool of qualified candidates. The Executive Search profession ranges in models from “Retained” search to “Contingency” search and “Delimited” search. Retained […]

When to use an Executive search firm?

Executive search firm is something that affects every business and every level of management. The ability to recruit great talent is key to the ultimate success, or failure, of a business. Companies will use executive search firm so that they do not have to sort through, possibly, hundreds of applications for a job. These days, […]

What Industries Promote and Provide Long-term Careers in Asia Pacific Region?

Some people would look at their jobs and just see it as it is – a job. Meaning, they are just doing something and performing various tasks every now and then for the reward or compensation. But majority would agree that people are working hard to create a suitable and sustainable career for themselves. People […]

What Are The Types Of Managers You Will Meet?

Companies need leaders to rule over the business, organize the company, and manage its employees. These leaders come in the form of company managers. But what is a manager and how should they function? In simple terms, a manager is someone responsible for controlling or administering all or part or a company or any other […]

Five Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting That Prized Job Offer

Since April 2016 of this year Harper and Hill Executive Search Inc team have been planning on how HR and Recruitment Industry will be much more interesting and innovative. With the help of our Candidates, Clients and other Consultants and HR Professionals in Asia. We will be launching a series of Videos of Exciting real life situations of […]

How Can An Organization Lessen The Risk Of Attrition?

Attrition in the organization is referred to by the Human Resources as the gradual loss of employees over time. In general, relatively high attrition may cause problems for the companies and organizations. Attrition is manifested and reflected when employees voluntarily resign from their jobs. There are several reasons why this may occur: employees move to […]