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4 Ways to Promote Communication in the Workplace

Good communication is an essential factor that enables the flow of a conversation to start. It conveys thoughts into words and creates an opportunity to exchange different ideas. Opinions and different perspectives emerge and better understanding comes into play.

In the long run, genuine communication increases productivity in the workplace. It creates a good foundation of trust and diminishes misunderstandings between individuals. Meanwhile, when there is a lack of good communication, there can be some catastrophic differences or conflict. The plummeting flow of productivity and misunderstandings that can ignite storms can erupt.

There is no need to fret though, here are 4 ways to promote good communication in the workplace:

1.) Listen to your Team Members

Communication is a two-way process, you can’t always be the one talking. Most of the time real leaders listen to what their team members have to say. They try to ask for feedback and create solutions together. There is a gigantic difference when handling things on your own. Talking without giving an inch for response will manifest misunderstandings. Also, Interrupting the person can also become a way to disrupt the idea intended. So, have a rule where there is a time for listening and a time for talking.

Listening will help you clarify if all the things you mentioned is clear and comprehended in the manner you wanted it to be. It will assure you that they have understood it well and create an opportunity to collaborate in making the idea better.

2.) Create a Communication-friendly Place

– Create a work environment where speaking their thoughts and ideas are welcomed. A place that encourages open communication will further help the employee say what’s on their mind and speak up. Employees should never be afraid of speaking to you. Be a friendly person, say good morning and start up conversations.

Have you ever heard of the Social Learning theory by Albert Bandura? To cut things short it is basically learning through observation and their environment. It’s what individuals call mimicking behavior. Be a good example and influence your employees in a good way. When a friendly place is established then communication between each other is strengthened.

It is also a good idea to incorporate some team-building activities for the company. The activities will create bonds with employees that will make each individual closer to each other. The bonds formed in the process will improve their communication skills.

3.) Create a Platform for Anonymous Feedback

Some employees might have some trouble engaging with discussions and speaking out his mind in public. They have this mindset that their ideas might be wrong and have low self-esteem to even say a word, even though their ideas as the potential and the possibility to make the project better. They have this negativity inside them that hinders them from communicating effectively with their co-employees and their bosses.

Creating something like a box where employees can insert anonymously their comments would help these kinds of people. It will help them communicate with you in a different way. They are still communicating with you indirectly, but still get to tell their ideas. You might even get surprised by what suggestions and honest opinions they can offer.

4.) Have Monthly One on One Meetings

Create a habit of speaking with your employees individually. It will help you understand and get a better insight on how to talk and handle each person in your asset. It will build up a strong relationship and trust between the employer and the employee. They will slowly bring down their walls down and enable them to communicate with ease and share what their ideas are. A successful HR has the ability to shatter their walls and help them communicate.

Good communication is the bridge between confusion and reality. Promoting good communication in the workplace can help establish a closer relationship with your employees and mitigate some unnecessary confusions and misunderstandings in projects. It will empower your employees to grow and increase their productivity in the office.


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