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Are you a Boss or a Leader?

Remember the difference between a boss and a leader: a boss says go- a leader says “Let’s go!”E.M. Kelly

The key factor behind the success of any organization, is the quality of leadership exhibited to the employees, that motivates them to do better. A person can be a leader without having any official designation as such. Humans naturally follow people who inspire confidence or who command respect for various reasons.

Being a good leader may also mean being a good boss. But you can’t be a good boss if you’re not a good leader. Being a leader means showing people how to act and how to constantly become better. Leading a team is leading human being, not robots. The following represents some key distinctions of a Boss and a Leader.

Leaders Lead, Bosses Push

Leaders motivate their employers. While Bosses tends to push employees instead of directing them. When a team has confidence in a leader, it can help to improve team culture and motivate employees to contribute and clearly communicate to the team and their actions are aimed at achieving the goals together.

Leaders seek solutions, Bosses gives answers

Leaders help employees to grow by guiding them through challenges. This is how employees develop problem-solving abilities and skills that add values to a company.

Leaders don’t Micromanage

Smart leaders know that it’s the people under them that makes a company successfully. Encouraging trust in your office by delegating important tasks and acknowledging that your people are capable, smart individuals who can succeed.

Leaders work hard, Bosses let others do the work

When a company launches a project, true leaders get “in the trenches” with their teams. Seeing leaders totally willing to help and give support to the team can inspire others to do their best work.

Leaders think long-term, Bosses think short-term

Someone who cannot prepare or organize only utilizes short-term thinking. Displaying a long-term thinking skill in group talks and meetings by sharing long-term hopes or concerns.

Leaders are like Colleagues, Bosses are just Bosses

Another word for a colleague is a collaborator. Making sure the team knows that you are “one of them” and collaborate or work side by side.

Leaders put people first, Bosses put results first

Bosses without leadership training may focus on process and results instead of people. The greatest assets are the people in the organization.  The employees are the real value to an organization and that focusing on the development or people is a key ingredient for success in leadership.

A leader is a person who leads his followers, inspires, motivates and guides them in different matters. On the other hand, a boss is someone who is the owner of the business or is appointed by the owners as an in-charge of the workplace. True leaders make a commitment to assess their management styles.


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