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Be a Unique Flower: Breaking the Habit of Comparing Yourself with Others

“Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.”

Marquis de Condorcet

Who do you most frequently compare yourself to? Two men Laughing featured image You know you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Yet, that’s easier said than done. Job title, income the number of categories in which we can compare ourselves to. The comparison game or war —is as old as humanity

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Comparison is generally the fast track to unhappiness. It’s a recipe for misery. All it does is keep you focused on what you don’t like about yourself and your life.


We do social comparisons without realizing we’re doing it. As a result, it is done without consciousness. Become more conscious and bring these thoughts to the forefront of your consciousness.

Stop Yourself

Give yourself a pause, when you realize you’re doing comparisons. Just acknowledge the thought and gently change focus.

Count your Blessing

Better focus on what you have, and on what you are already blessed with.think about how lucky you are to have what you have, to have the people in your life, who care about you, to be alive at all.

Focus on your Strengths

Focus on your strengths rather than looking at your weaknesses. Work on it and use them to your advantage.

Be OK with Imperfection

No one is perfect. Focus on yourself to improve growth, development, strengths, and performance. Imperfection is what makes you who you are which makes you perfect.

Don’t knock others Down

Sometimes we try to criticize others just to make ourselves look and feel better. Taking someone else down for your benefit is destructive. Instead, support others in their success— that will lead to more success on your part.

Focus on the Journey

Life is not a competition. It’s a journey. We are all on a journey, to find something, to become something, to learn, to create. It has everything to do with what we want to do, and where we want to go.

Learn to love Enough

If you always want what others have, you will never have enough. Instead, learn to realize that what you have is already enough. Two men working featured image

Comparing yourself to others may be holding you back.

Comparison in the workplace is a brain game that will only make your life more challenging. Why? Because no matter how hard we try, we simply cannot be someone else. To be clear, it’s useful to keep an eye on how others are performing— it’s an opportunity to learn from them. This is especially valuable when you’re new to a company, team, or project; in fact, you’ll need to understand how things work and the typical processes before you consider a different approach or develop your own way of doing things. There’s also an important difference between comparison and seeking information. Being interested in how the experts, or those with higher-level positions, do things so you can understand how they achieved the success they have is different than feeling bad that they have something you don’t. Comparisons that are important to avoid are the ones that can make us feel bad or inferior to others. Avoid negatively comparing yourself to others in the workplace and instead focus on yourself and your strengths, development, and performance to secure personal success. We each have our own path with personal goals and objectives that will be met in our time. If you want to reach the top of your profession, confidence is key. That means that you have to be secure enough in your own work that you don’t feel shaken by the successes of others. Comparing yourself to others, and the inner turmoil that often goes along with that can only hold you back as you try to get ahead in your career. Have faith that your individual path will lead you in the right direction.

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