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Do You Have What It Takes to Be an HR?

The main reason why most people want to be in the HR department is that they would want to help people out.  Helping people out is great but you need to have a clear grasp of what is the real role of HR.

An HR has basically 6 main roles in the office; they are mostly in charge of professional development, maintaining work cultures, hiring resources, training candidates, resolving conflicts and the management of employees.

Being nice does help, but sometimes you will need to be straightforward and decisive. You will need to provide feedback for rejected candidates, you will need to tell people they are fired or maybe you will need to give someone a bad behavior warning. Working in HR is not a ‘walk in the park’.

In the same time, it has its advantages. An HR can change a person’s life and influence so many people around him. As an HR you’ll get to guide people and see the solutions you’ve created unfold and solve problems.

You will also have to do countless things like making sure that the manager has hired the right person as well as make sure that the company’s good employees do not quit.

So Here Are Things to Consider If You Plan to Be in the HR Department.

  • You Always Have to Be Fair

– Let’s be realistic for a minute, An HR’s job is not to make everyone happy but to keep things fair. They ensure that employees have a suitable workplace environment. They try to handle problems and solve conflicts with their sense of justice. You are always supposed to look at things from two perspectives and keep peace in the company.

  • You Need to Build Barriers

– One bad thing to consider is that an HR should build barriers or in short restrict work friendships. The idea is to build a credible reputation in the workplace. Employees should not get the idea that you are being biased in your judgments. Having a good friend in the office may affect proper judgment in a case. So, to be fair you need to reconsider building walls around you.

  • You Can’t Be Naïve

– There’s a reason why when looking for an HR, the most potential candidate for the job is a Psychology Graduate. The point is that an HR should understand people rather than judging through looks. HR’s need to look far and beyond those things. They need to learn when a person is lying and perceive how this person thinks.

If you are planning on becoming a successful HR someday you need to understand that it’s not as easy as it seems. Being an HR is like being the judge, you need to uphold peace and judgment in your respective companies. Having the right skills might mean the augmentation and further growth of the company you are working for.



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