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Engaging Strategic Planning in Human Resource

Human Resource is a vital department within companies. Strategic HR planning is an important component of strategic HR Management. Human Resource Strategy or HR Strategy is a designation for a long-term plan to achieve objectives in the organization. It helps to unify and direct the behavior and actions of all people and their overall development in accordance with the needs of the organization.

It is essential to understand how a strategic HR planning process works. Each company’s plan will look slightly different depending on its current and future needs.

Without a strategic plan, managers throughout the organization may concentrate on day-to-day activities only to find that a competitor has maneuvered itself into a favorable competitive position by taking a more comprehensive, long-term view of strategic directions.

Strategic human resource management is the key to retention and development of quality staff. To implement a strategic human resource plan is to follow the steps below:

Develop a thorough understanding of the company’s objectives

The success of strategic HR depends on how well it links to the company’s goals by a thorough understanding of the aims, objectives, and missions.

Evaluate HR Capability

Evaluating HR capabilities will enable to understand the employees and how they contribute to fulfilling the goals and objectives.

Analyze current HR Capacity

Analyzing the HR Capacity of the company will help to recognize barriers and implement a plan of action to capitalize on opportunities and effectively deal with threats.

Estimate Company’s Future HR requirements

After analyzing the company’s employees and skills it’s time to forecast the company’s HR needs relation to:

  • Demand. A prediction needs to be made in relation to the number of employees with the associated skills that will be required in order for your company’s future needs to be met.
  • Supply. Looks at the employees and skills that are currently available to help your company achieve its strategic goals.

Determine the tools required for employees to complete the job

The HR personnel needs to find out how the tools are used and how will it impact the employees’ ability to perform the task.

Implement the HRM Strategy

After completing the analyzation and forecast of the company’s HR requirements it’s time to start the process of expanding the workforces and developing current workers for the company’s future growth.

Evaluation and Corrective Action

HR personnel decides a timeline to carry out a strategic HR management review. This will track the progress made and also identify areas for improvement.

The importance of strategic management in business provides the framework for all the major business decisions. It provides a sense of direction so that organization members know where to expand their efforts and it can help highlight the need for innovation and provide an organized approach for encouraging new ideas related to strategies.


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