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A Guide on Building a Good Relationship With Executive Researchers

Upon entering the industry you want to pursue a lot of people you will meet along the way and one of them is the Executive Researchers, also known as Executive Recruiters. Their main responsibility is to help employers fill the senior and highest-paying positions in a company. They are one of the many people one would like to have a good relationship with because they might be the key for one to move up in their career.

Developing a relationship with headhunters as early as now is a very good strategy, especially that building this kind of relationship takes time. Having headhunters work with you side by side can be very advantageous, as they can be a good help in future endeavors. There are different types of recruiters that one can meet along the way but with the right recipe for brewing a good relationship and they might just call you when they land a research assignment that compliments your background.

Being approached by an executive researcher can be confusing at times. Some might be persuaded but some might think that it is a prank call done by someone they know. If you are a rising talent or starting to build a career for yourself there is a great chance that you will be approached by one. Especially now that business leaders are more visible and accessible because of online professional networks. On the other hand, some might be wondering why they have not yet experienced being approached by one. Maybe there is something missing, or that you have exceeded their expectations. But nonetheless, once those mistakes are corrected, sooner or later an Executive Researcher will contact you.

Once you are approached by executive recruiters or planning to approach one, you should remember that they are not all the same, they work for their clients and building relationships with them is a two-way process. To help you with that, here are some tips on how to build a good relationship with Executive Researchers.

  1. Know Their Industry

    Executive Researchers will greatly appreciate when one has a background on what they are doing and know their real intention. In addition, knowing their industry will give you an advantage when talking to them. When you know how they feel and how they do things, you will be able to speak with them with higher confidence than usual.

  2. Extend Help

    In situations when you feel that the position offered to you does not suit you or different from what you are imagining, you can suggest possible candidates that might be well suited for it.

  3. Explain Rejections

    When you reject an offer, there is a possibility that headhunters might misinterpret your decision. So, it is better to let them understand why the job is not a good match for you, also, this can clear false impressions.

  4. Never Lie

    Always be honest about your capabilities and credentials. This is one key to landing a new opportunity. Honesty gives you additional points, not only to the recruiter’s side but also to their clients.

  5. Be Certain

    Always be sure about your decisions, it will not hurt to take a minute or two to reflect on the action you are about to do. One might leave a bad impression on recruiters once you did not stick to your word. And if there are changes to your plan, always update your recruiter ahead of time and let them know your whereabouts before an interview or any special appointment with their client. This way, the possibility of a misunderstanding will be lesser.

  6. Stay Involved

    Make sure that you never lose connection with them. When you accept a job offer, always keep them updated, whether you are up for an interview or you encountered a problem and need to cancel the latter, always update them ahead of time. As well as in future employment, it will also be great for you to keep in touch with them, with this they will also feel involved with you.

  7. Share Knowledge

    Once you share knowledge with a search consultant they will also share theirs. They can also make suggestions and provide you with information that can help you broaden your network for future endeavors.

  8. Be Calm

    There might be instances when an Executive Researcher happens to call on a bad time. During these situations always keep your cool so that there will not be a misunderstanding between the both of you. Better, explain your current situation and wish that they would understand.

  9. Be Friends with them

    There are chances that you will be able to be friends with Executive Researchers and this is a very good thing as they would really like it to have a candidate as a friend. Also, this will make the environment between the two of you comfortable.

  10. Respect them

    Having respect for an executive researcher is the most essential thing one must do upon meeting one. Whatever industry you desire to go to will always tell that respect is very important as how important EQ is in the workplace. This is one factor that shows what kind of person one is and the one that helps a recruiter decide whether they are fit for a job or not.

It is important to be one of the top candidates for a job, but it is not everything. Leaving a great impression toward an Executive Researcher, on the other hand, is everything. Once you get stuck on their mind there will be a greater chance that they will contact you in the future and might even give you a boost towards their candidates. Just remember that whatever you do or wherever you go, there is a chance that you will meet a headhunter, so always be prepared and ready yourself for what is about to come.



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