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Five Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting That Prized Job Offer

Since April 2016 of this year, Harper and Hill Executive Search Inc team have been planning on how HR and Recruitment Industry will be much more interesting and innovative. With the help of our Candidates, Clients and other Consultants and HR Professionals in Asia. We will be launching a series of Videos of Exciting real-life situations of HR Professionals and Candidates.

Here is the first of a series of Videos.

Here are the five common mistakes that prevent you from getting that prized job offer:

Number one – You’re not virtually out there.

You’re not on social media or online job boards. Leverage on social media to have different avenues and opportunities for employment. The Internet is a great networking platform, make it easier for us to find you.

Number two – You tend to oversell.

There’s nothing wrong when you tell us about your success stories and achievements. But please don’t go overboard, you don’t have to brag about everything you’ve done. Because if you know everything already, what’s left for you to learn? How would you grow? And how would you achieve career satisfaction?

Number three – You’re making people adjust to your schedule.

We understand that given your executive role and function, you’re doing a lot of things. But if you really want that change, then learn to adjust and value others people’s time. Setting up interviews for people at your level is already difficult, so please make time to entertain our messages. We’re sure we’ll make great things together.

Number four – Your goals are not aligned with what you want to achieve with your career.

Don’t share false information so we won’t set false expectations as well. Let us work with you for the right reasons so we can come up with a greater offer at the end of the day.

And finally…

Number fiveYou’re forgetting the basics of an interview.

Do you even remember when was the last time you got interviewed? If it’s a virtual interview, please have a pleasant background. Never have your kitchen as a background. It would be great to have a simple painted wall so the focus is towards you and not the things around you. If it’s a face-to-face interview. Please wear business to formal attire. Wear a smile on your face and arrive on time. Look sharp and be sharp when having the interview.

And those are the five common mistakes that prevent you from getting that prized job offer. If you’d like to add more, share it with us on the comments section below

“Our goal is to help you get the job. But to get the job, you should help set your goals as well. Assess yourself and try to understand what’s lacking – in you and in your profile. Once you overcome those mistakes that hinder you, rest assured, you will have the career move you are aspiring for.”

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The Author 

Angelo is the Managing Director of Harper and Hill Executive Search Inc, specializing in Senior Management positions in executive search in Emerging Market in Asia. He managed a full spectrum of senior-level placements and worked with multinational clients in Asia, Africa and Europe. He travels across Asia pacific region for his assignments. 

Feel free to connect with him or follow him on LinkedIn. Angelo Cenon Valdez

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