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Global Football Icon Cristiano Ronaldo – Newest Brand Ambassador of Shopee

Shopee announced a collaboration with Cristiano Rolando, a Portuguese soccer player, who has become its newest brand ambassador.

In a statement, Chris Feng Shopee’s CEO said, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest athletes of our time. He is an inspiration to many, and his dedication to football matches the deep commitment we have towards our users. Together with Cristiano Ronaldo, we look forward to creating a lasting positive impact on our region.”

Credits to: thejakartapost.com

In his role as an ambassador, Rolando will work with Shopee in various initiatives, starting with an annual shopping campaign, the 9.9 Super Shopping day, which runs from August 16 to September 9.

Rolando added, “I am proud to be Shopee’s brand ambassador as we share the same ambition to be the best in our fields. I am always improving my game for my fans and my team, just as Shopee innovates to benefit their users in this region. I am excited by this partnership, and I look forward to creating more special moments for my fans together with Shopee.”


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