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Good Personality VS Skills and Experience: Which Should the Manager Hire?

Hiring managers can receive various applications from different candidates for a single position. The hiring managers would tell you that the applicant’s experience is the most important criterion. Particularly in the decision-making process where the application forms are filtered out on which are the best possible candidates for the job.

Staffs make it easier to cut off certain candidates based on their lack of experience. The candidate with the most relevant working experience will be called for an interview to further learn more about their capabilities and the potential. While on the other hand, those with the least amount of experience won’t be able to move on to the next round.

Personality: It Matters More than You Think

While there are a lot of things to be said for the technical competence of the candidate, Personality does play a vital role of success in the industry. Some successful establishments look beyond the skill set of the candidate, they are looking for a multi-dimensional experience with their workers.  A person with the right personality excels more than the person who just has the skills for the job. Better relationships and teamwork in the office co-excels only if the personality of that certain candidate fits right in.

Skills Can Be Learned

Skills and knowledge for the certain field the candidate is applying for are always considered more relevant than the personality that person possesses. Yet, the fact of the matter is “skills can be learned, but people can’t change their personalities”. Skills are just skills, if the person is eager to learn, he will be able to master and hone what he aims to do. On the other hand, personality is something that is integrated with who the candidate really is, you can’t suddenly just change who they are.

Why Hiring Managers May Consider Personality Over Skills?

  • Willingness to Learn.

    A thirst for knowledge is something that will show the manager that the candidate has the ability to adapt to certain conditions. It shows that the person can go outside their safe zones and has the potential to expand his horizons.

  • Enthusiasm.

    A person who is enthusiastic and optimistic with what he does can be a valuable player for the company. They are able to create solutions with some twists. The happy go lucky personality they possess will influence the atmosphere and increase the positivity in the workplace.

  • Self-Direction.

    Candidates that know what they want to do and has a clear figure in mind on what they want to happen are early signs of leadership.

  • Ambition.

    A desire to succeed in the industry you are applying for can be very appealing to hiring managers. It will show that you love what you do, and you have every reason to be hired.

Every individual has different personality traits that make up the type of person that they are. They can help employers determine if the candidate will be a good addition to their team and if they are well suited for the job. Employers need to keep an open mind when hiring candidates that sometimes personality does play an important factor, we should not always judge our candidates based on their skills. Employees have the ability to grow and become key assets of the company, why not give them a chance if they have the right personality?



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