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Hiring the Right People for Your Company

An employee can either be the key to your success or be the reason for your crushing downfall. As the manager of an immense or compact company, you yourself will have to interview lots of potential candidates that will be suited for the job and the person that will be working under you.

The interview process is quite important because here you can investigate, learn, ask questions and meet the person that is applying to your company. The emerging markets and competitions will need you to overcome this challenge in finding the right candidate to be your asset.

With a lot of people with various different backgrounds and attitudes to choose from, it is inevitable or normal to ask yourself “Who should I hire and how will I interview this person?”. Here are some quick tips to help you with your dilemma.

  1. Be Creative

    Throw some curveballs at your interviewee, try not to ask very common interview questions because they will be expecting those queries and already have a strategized answer for that. A creative approach to questioning your respondents will let you know who they actually are rather than hearing them say scripted or rehearsed lines.

  1. Be Challenging

    Put the interviewee or candidate into a position that will make them uncomfortable. The challenge is to see how the person would handle troublesome situations and how the person would think and work under pressure. A person who is in a tough spot usually shows his personality and true colors.

  1. Allow Your Employees to Help

    You and your employees will have to work with this specific candidate in the workplace for some time, teamwork is very essential for harmony and better productivity, so you need to make sure your candidate and employees will get along and have synergy with one another. You don’t have to decide by yourself, get your employee’s insight and opinions to clarify your decisions.

  1. The Right Attitude

    A great addition to your team will always be a person with great skill sets, but most of the time a person with the right attitude already plays a big role in the success of a company.

Look for a person that actually cares, someone, you can say that he is accountable for his actions, and a person who has a strong sense of learning mentality.

Caring in the sense that the candidate will care about what the future holds and what will happen in the company. Accountable in terms of taking responsibility for his actions and a strong sense of learning mentality by the never-ending effort to learn new things and expand his horizons. Try to reflect on what kind of manager you are, and try to find those good aspects of your hiring candidate.


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