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Human-to-Human Approach: Human Relations in the Workplace

Human beings are naturally social creatures – we crave friendship and positive interactions. The better our relationships are at work, the happier and more productive we’re going to be.

Human Interaction featured image
Human Interaction

Good relationships between the employees and the management are the substantial value in any workplace. So, what is Human Relations? Human Relations refers to the relations with or between people, particularly in a workplace or professional setting.

“An honorable human relationship…

Is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involves, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other.”

Adrienne Rich

Organizations with good human relations grow from strength to strength and are fully committed to doing their best beyond their job. To maintain good human relationships with people there are several characteristics:

Trust – The foundation of every good relationship. Trusting your team or colleagues you are forming a powerful bond that helps you to communicate more effectively.

Mutual Respect – Respecting the people who you work with by respecting their inputs, ideas, or values can develop better solutions. Respect is a very important contributor to forming a positive workplace culture.

Mindfulness – taking responsibility for your words and actions. People who are mindful are careful about what they say, and don’t let their negative emotions impact other people.

Welcoming Diversity – promoting inclusiveness and diversity within the workplace is one of the best ways to foster an open-minded, global company culture. It makes the workplace more interesting and personally enriching environment for everyone.

Open Communication – we need to communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings. A healthy communication style requires practice and hard work however communication will never be perfect all the time. Open and clear communication can be learned. Some people find it hard to talk and may need some time and encouragement to express their views.

“The SIX most important words:

‘I admit I made a mistake.’

The FIVE most important words:

‘You did a good job.’

The FOUR most important words:

‘What is your opinion?’

The THREE most important words:

‘If you please.’

The TWO most important words:

‘Thank you.’

The SINGLE most important word:


The LEAST important word:


– Author: Unknown, Reproduced by The Small Business Owner Magazine

Building and maintaining good working relationships will not only make you more engaged and committed to your organizations; it can also open doors to key projects, career advancement, and raises. There are four factors influencing Human Relations in organizations:

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Together We Create

Work Environment

A positive work environment helps employees to achieve the organizational goals. When employees are satisfied, the work environment is termed positive and when employees are not satisfied, the workforce is termed negative.


Teamwork involves different people and different groups across your organization working together to maximize their efficiency and reach a common goal. Working in groups can be challenging, but collaborative work also provides benefits to organizations and individual employees.


Personality affects our ability to interact with others, which can impact our career success. Because of this, our personality has a lot to do with how we relate to one another at work. Our attitudes are favorable or unfavorable opinions towards people it affects the environment we are brought up in and our individual experiences.


An effective leader thus must be able to build relationships and create communication. Leaders cannot lead unless they understand the people they are leading. Leadership today need essential characteristics in order to build, guide, and maintain their organizations and communities. In able to acclimate to changes and work with more diverse teams.

“Good human relations not only bring great personal rewards but are essential to the success of any enterprise.”

J.R.D. Tata

Human relations is an important part of our career success. It is defined as relations with or between people, particularly in a workplace setting because a company depends on good human relations through its organizational structure, developing these skills are important. We need a good human relationship with others in our professional circle. The better our human relations, the more likely we are to grow both professionally and personally.


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