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Introducing Shopify Chat a New Way to Speak to Customers

Shopify launches its new Shopify Chat. The first native live chat that allows having a real-time conversation with customers. Shopify chat is a new web chat for merchants and small business owners to communicate with customers.

With the growth in e-commerce, attracting and keeping customers engaged on a website has been a challenge for marketers. Live chats provide real-time answers and help bring about a needed return to the personal connections we came to take for granted when shopping in-person. Fostering the stronger connection between business and customers, to close more sales for e-commerce portal and to help customers to make better purchasing decisions by keeping them informed about choices that match or exceed their needs and interests.

credits to: Shopify.com

Shopify chat is free and is made for use on business websites today. The first native chat client can host web conversations between merchants and customers using the web browser on Android or iOS devices or a laptop. According to Shopify product Director Michael Perry in an interview with VentureBeat, “Shopify Chat is going to stay focused on the online store because that’s nature. I think we’re looking and working on partnerships, like expand within SMS. That’s obviously a clear play for us, because what we’ve done with Business Chat. We’d like to be able to recreate that in the inbox as well as through SMS,”.

About a year, Shopify introduced Shopify Ping, a free messaging app that manages all incoming conversations from Facebook and Apple Business Chat. Merchants that don’t use Apple Business Chat today can still communicate with customers using Shopify Chat. “Our goal is to have a basic default offering that reaches everybody,” Perry said, adding that the personal touch can be critical for merchants selling directly to customers.

Perry said tools like Shopify Chat could prove beneficial for customers as well, who can use services like Shopify Arrive to track packages and conversation data gathered by Shopify Chat may be used to improve the performance of automated bots that may appear in conversations with consumers to do things like share response times, handle FAQs, or even mimic a merchant’s tone in customer exchanges.


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