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Keeping your Employees Healthy

Health is a very important matter when it comes to your employees and we know that they play a significant role in the company’s productivity and prosperity. Investing some time and a little bit of effort in making your employees healthier will surely benefit the organization in the long run.

Encourage your employees to promote a healthier lifestyle. This will most likely be an exquisite ingredient to a more productive work environment around the company. According to a Gallup poll study, Unhealthy employees costs American businesses an estimate of around $153 billion yearly due to productivity loss. This report is a gigantic and trivial matter in terms of your company’s future.

While keeping your employees healthy at all times may be a hard task here are 4 tips that you can keep in mind to promote a healthy lifestyle in the office:

  1. General Prevention

    You always hear the words “Prevention is better than the cure”, well that simple phrase will be a good kick start in keeping your employees healthy. It is always better to prevent something before it will cost you more than you should have in the first place. An HR manager can consider arranging onsite flu vaccinations and doctor visitations in the workplace.

  2. Regular Fitness

    Physical fitness is a must. Whether bringing your Employees together and having a group exercise daily, there are a lot of creative ways to encourage your employees to engage in physical, blood pumping activities. Regular Fitness can help lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stress, control weight and even lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Exercise creates an opportunity to get the blood flowing and keep a healthy figure.

  3. Healthy Eating

    Most likely that what we eat is what makes us prone to diseases. According to a study published in Science Journal, Eating unhealthy foods has a 66% increased risk to loss of productivity. Encouraging your employees to bring a healthy lunch and having a basketful of fruits should be a good start. A diet plan which consists of essential vitamins and minerals will increase an employee’s energy, health and even boost their mood.

  4. Discouraging bad habits

    According to a study, Smoking cigarettes causes more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States. Encouraging your employees to an alternative like nicotine patches or a more recreational activity can improve their wellness. The bad habits the individual possess may disrupt his or her health, in a more serious matter create a decline in the productivity in the office. It’s okay for your employees to have these habits but always try to monitor their health and if these habits are influencing performance in the workplace.

If you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself.” – JW Marriott

An employee’s health determines how productive he or she will be in the office. It is a good idea to invest and start a plan on keeping your beloved employees happy and healthy. The work that they contribute to the office promotes the growth and productivity of the company, we don’t want them to get sick any time soon.


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