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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Employees

Providing a healthy relationship with your employees is an essential factor for the people you work with and the prosperity of the company.

There are a variety of flaws and problems that may arise from not having the proper relationship with the people you work with. Internal disputes, conflicts, issues, baseless rumors, and misunderstandings are things that culminate with a bad employer and employee relationships.

Engaging more with your employees and giving more attention to their needs is a critical factor that your job entails you to do. The gigantic effect it does helps maintain a good sense of balance and harmony in the workplace.

Before there are internal disputes and issues that come forth in time, there are things that an HR manager should do and not do.


  1. Communicate

    . Good communication in the workplace plays an import role and are one of the things that you should never leave out. Listen to your employee’s thoughts and problems. It helps you gain a better insight in addressing problems and establishing better bonds in the work environment. On the long run, communication will help understand each employee. Listening to your employees also shows them that you do care and that they are a part of the company.

  2. Establish Rules

    Provide a clear list of rules upon the hiring process should set an example for other new employees. Rules create a more stabilized and more orderly environment.

  3. Be Friendly

    Being a leader, your employees look up to you and expects you to be responsible for all your actions. It should not hinder you from forming new friendships and creating bonds with them. Make friends with your employees and not just befriend a small group as it will foster favoritism in the long run. You are tasked to make all the employees trust each other and help promote teamwork. Be a good example and let the good characteristics start with you.

  4. Have Fun

    An important aspect an HR manager should try to consider. Organizing and initiating an event that creates solid relations amongst their employees is a good idea. Dinners, Games, Team building activities, Outings are some programs that are recommended to establish a good relationship between you and your employees. It is okay to take a break some time, let the stress from the working environment disappear for a while. When you take a break, the team will be able to handle and face their work better.


  1. Distract Workers.

    There is always a time and place to have fun, always make sure that you are never going to make their work performance suffer. Never distract your employees when working as it will disrupt their workflow. Do not bother their process by adding more to their pile of work.

  2. Discuss Work outside the Working Hours.

    In creating a healthy relationship with your employees, it is important that you also spend some time with them outside. When an opportunity like this happens, you have to consider that you should not talk about work-related matters at that moment. Instead, you could divert the discussion to know more about the employee’s hobbies and aspirations.

  3. Conclude Employees know the Rules.

    Most companies mistakenly assume that their employees know what their exact roles are. In this scenario, the Employee will be confused and have a hard time coping up with the work environment in the company. Be their training wheels for the moment, tell them what they have to do and guide them.

Creating a well-balanced work environment is not a simple task for the HR manager but with more effort exerted it will be a benefit to the future development of the company. A company that maintains a healthy relationship with its employees proves that it has a good impact on the company.


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