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The Recruitment and Hiring of Employees

Recruitment and hiring quality employees that will benefit the organization is a challenge and great opportunity for any company. It is considered as a challenge in terms of the numerous applications, screenings, and interviews to be held in search for the top talent. On the other hand, an opportunity in terms of the potential, impact, and contribution the candidate may have to offer for the success of the organization. As previous articles have already mentioned, “An employee can either be the key to your success or be the reason for your crushing downfall.” So, with all of that in mind, hiring and recruiting a candidate is not at all fun and games, in fact, it is a very serious matter. Recruiters and employers must make sure the hired candidate will be an asset and not a liability to the hiring organization.
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The hiring process is where recruiters and employers must take into consideration certain aspects of the candidate before even attempting to hire the employee and open the company doors to them. Does the candidate’s personality, job experience, educational background, or even individuals the capability match or goes in line with the designated position? A strenuous evaluation and screening phase are held to help recruiters determine which will be chosen from the ginormous pool of candidates that will be applying for the job.

To help with the predicament of the matter, here are ideas on the procedures that are done in recruiting an ideal candidate for an organization:

  1. Develop an Accurate Job Description

It is the most basic and actually the fundamental start of any job hiring, you might even call it the root or backbone of the recruitment process. It might be just a simple concoction of words but you will be surprised how much of an impact a job description plays in the hiring process. Small companies to even gigantic multi-billionaire companies sometimes forget the basic fundamentals and they fail to establish a well-rounded updated job description for their potential candidates.

The first step is to strategize and try to make sure that the job description created for the role truly reflects what the organization is currently looking for. It should include specific roles the individual is expected to do, the required skill sets needed for the job, previous work experience relating to that certain field, and even personal attributes or character traits the candidate is expected to possess. Inserting the proper information helps give the potential candidates an idea and a small glimpse of what they are actually applying for. Likewise, it helps lessen the pool of candidates that will be applying early on due to the fact that beforehand the applicants already know that they are lacking the requirements needed for the job.

  1. Compile a Success Profile

Aside from creating an elaborate and effective job description, creating a success profile from the applying candidates is a great idea to consider. It will help employers and recruiters determine the candidates that will most likely succeed in the hiring position.

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To accomplish this the recruiter should create a profile for each of the applying candidates. It should contain what are their different skill sets, personality, experiences and how qualified they are for the job. Now based on each individual profile, sort and differentiate the candidates which have the right qualifications the company is looking for. The profile which has the best fit for the hiring position should be the basis for other applying candidates or at least establish a high standard from that point. What are the similarities and differences that make each person applying a possible asset to the company?

  1. Post the Ad in Different Mediums

The power of technology and the influence of the internet in modern times has greatly affected the spread of information to the masses. Posting job openings and offers are much easier in the millennial’s time. Through social media channels, recruiters and employers are able to post jobs online with ease.

Global platforms such as Linkedin helps recruiters and employers obtain information on potential candidates for a job opening in a cinch. LinkedIn enables candidates to insert full information about themselves such as their educational background, experience and even their skill sets. Practically it’s an overview of the candidate’s resume. Linkedin is a powerful platform where candidates can sell themselves to the client and attract recruiters with their profile.

Yes, it is easier to simply just use social media channels to post job openings for your organization, but do take note that technology is not the only way. There are still different mediums to attract great talent to your job vacancy. The old but classic posting of job openings on newspapers still does the trick and giving out flyers in the street still attract some good candidates for the job.

  1. Screen the Candidates Through Phone

Create a series of questions that will help you further narrow down the stack of resumes for the vacancy of the job. Consistent and suitable questions for each candidate can really help the employer or recruiter understand or at least get a glimpse of who the candidate actually is.
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Phone interviews by recruiters and employers is a challenge for the job applicant. This is where the recruiter and employer will be able to talk to them first hand through the phone and see if the applicant can leave an impact or a good lasting first impression. The questions you can throw at the applicant is almost the same as an actual job interview. Just make sure that these questions can help you create a benchmark on what the candidate has to offer.

After the phone interview, sometimes it is a good idea to try to evaluate the answers of the applicants with a proven assessment tool. Assessment tools will give the employer an overview of the behavioral traits, cognitive reasoning and the character quality of the candidate in mind.

  1. Schedule and Conduct Candidate Interviews

Once the screening and the assessment process of the candidates through the phone are over, designate a time schedule for their actual interview with the person in charge.

The final interview is held to finally enable the company to actually learn more about the candidate, clarify ambiguities, and get an idea of what their personality is like.  The job interview will also help the applicant get a more elaborate idea of what will be his tasks and demands of the company from him. An exchange of words and ideas will help both parties see if the chemistry is right between them. Will I be able to work with this person?

After the interview with all the candidates, recruiters and employers now have the ability to decide which candidate is best suited for the job and will take over the position.

The hiring and recruitment of quality employees in an organization really take some time and has to go through several phases. It may seem like a very tiresome and strenuous task for any recruiter or employer, but I can assure you the effort is worthwhile in the long run.

“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was – and still is – the most important thing we do.”

Marc Bennioff, Founder, Chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce


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