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The 3 Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

Losing a good employee can disrupt the flow of productivity in the office. There are several types of managers but the state of mind is that bosses can replace employees in a cinch.

You need to do another set of interviews ensuring that you are hiring the right person for your company. Likewise, you can always lean towards an executive firm to find you the right candidate.

With that in mind, you might ask yourself what are the reasons that make good employees bid farewell.

Here are 3 possible reasons why a good employee leaves a company:

  1. They’re Overworked

– Managers may not notice the burden of overworking their good employees. It might be quite tempting to always rely on and give more work to them but you shouldn’t over exceed their workload.

When good employees receive too much work, they might get the wrong idea that great performance would always mean more work. It might be quite vexing but sometimes the wrong idea does come to mind.

A recent Stanford research was also able to find out that the productivity per hour does decline when the workload of the week exceeds 50 hours. After around the 55th hour, it comes to the point that they might not even get work done anymore.

  1. They’re Not Recognized for Their Contributions

– An employee who has made a big contribution to a project should exhibit that they are of value. When harsh efforts go unnoticed, the tendency is that employees would feel unimportant to the agency. Thinking of things like other institutions may actually appreciate my efforts.

Show appreciation to your employees, never underestimate what a pat on a back or a simple thank you can do. Being shown that an employee is important can help them boost their morale and make them feel happy that they were a part of the project.

If the employee is doing a great job, think of things that would make them happy and try awarding them. An outstanding performance needs some kind of recognition. Try giving them a raise that they deserved or even a promotion.

  1. They Can’t Pursue Their Passions

– Some managers want their employees to always be in the safe zone, thinking of things outside the box. They trap creativity and the room for learning and growth diminishes over time.

Most employees want to expand their horizons and do more. They can’t improve and develop themselves if you have a status quo that limits and cages their potential.

Treat your employees with care, give them the attention they need. They will stay and make the company better. Imagine the managers are the ones taking care of the ‘fertile soil’ of the company. The employees are like seeds. If they have the right conditions, they will grow and flourish, as will the company.


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