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The Millennials: The New Generation of Employees

Baby Boomers are currently the largest generation of active workers. Millennials and Generation X are becoming the new face of company management and business practices.

HR Departments face a major problem when it comes to Millennials that work in their organization. The topic of millennials in the global workforce is certainly not new, but it remains a demographic group that continues to draw a lot of interest and discussion. With the number millennials rapidly increasing global mobility policies and programs are being updated to accommodate the changes that this generation requires.

A modern-day approach to human resources requires creating a culture where Millennials feel like they have a voice and are being invested in by the people above them.

Millennials are creating a change on how works get done, as they work more in teams and use more technology and grown up in a time where information has become available instantly.

It is important for human resource and managers to address possible generational stereotypes and the different values that demographic diversity bring into the workplace. Many companies offer training programs to prevent “unconscious bias” and to help leverage the benefits of multi-generations as part of their corporate diversity and inclusion strategies.

HR departments can play a critical role in helping to create the type of culture that brings out the best of millennials in their workplace. Here are five ways millennials are changing the workplace.

  1.   Transparency in the Workplace

Millennials represent significant portion in the workforce and increasing demands for transparency from the management and executive departments of the company.

  1.   The Remote Workplace Phenomenon

There is a huge number of people working from home, and the majority of millennials are remote workers.

  1.   Experience Over Degrees

Despite being one of the best-educated generations, they also carry the most college debt of any other generation. Millennials in management positions are much more likely to recruit based on skills, experience, and established results than they are to hire someone on the basis of a college degree.

  1.   Work-Life Balance

This is the reason why Millennials choose to work remotely. Their management will provide the tools they need to achieve the tasks they must finish during the workday and they are they will not be expected to stay late with no compensation.

  1.   Technological Adaption

Millennials are born shortly before the Digital Age. They are most likely to adapt faster in technological services and products and use a wide range of tools to communicate, to organize and achieve goals, and to complete tasks.

As the new century blossoms, Millennials are changing the way we work in tremendous ways. The key is to remain keen to continuous learning and to realize that challenge and opportunity come in all directions and packages.


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