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The New Wave of Technology in Human Resource

Entrepreneurs have acknowledged the power of Information Technology (IT) tools for reaching business targets. They aim to achieve competitiveness in the field of HR by providing constant education and training program. Technology has changed the way recruiters contact their employees, store files and analyze employee performance. With technology present, HR practices are more efficient. Good HR practices maximize the benefits and cut the problems.

Here are the following major impacts of Information and Communication Technology in Human Resource Management.

  1. Better Services to Line Manager:

    HR and line managers are the success of the business. The main function of HR is to support the workforce needs of the organization.

  2. Enhancing Management:

    HR IT tools can lead to the success of the organization and can enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

  3. Effective Recruiting:

    Without the use of IT, recruiting is impossible to function. Organizations now use job portals on the internet to search for the best candidates for the positions.

  4. Data Management and Critical Analysis:

    Data management becomes easier when IT and it becomes paper-free.

  5. Inventory Management Tools and Human Resource Management:

    Organizations uses HR IT tools to provide a universal set of products and diversify the business by providing improved products and services.

  6. Cost-Reduction and Efficiency:

    organizational performance can increase by implementing management by objectives and using a participated style of management through HR IT tools.

  7. Customer Service and Human Resource Management:

    As an organizational change, critical success factors and key performance are reconsidered. Relevant HR IT tools formulated for the better quality of work.

  8. Career Development and Human Capital Management:

    performance evaluation and career progression can be a key motivating factor for employees to work effectively and efficiently.

Human Resource IT tools have great organizational effects. An information system can support the HR strategy in the company to meet defined key performance indicators. HR Managers around the world have started adopting technology to make their work easier and to help make a better conclusion.

Technology development is an important activity for the innovation process within the business and may get knowledge. Information Technology may have a greater impact on organizations that exist in a dynamic environment. HR technology often refers to as HR Tech has developed rapidly with large employers around the world widely adopting core HR technology systems.

Let’s take a look at the different ways technology is changing the face of HR Management.

  1. Recruitment:

    Hiring and identifying talent is one of the most important and regular tasks in the field of HR.

  2. Day-to-day task and Employee Management:

    HR managers spend time on day-to-day workforce management. A lot of manual hours used to be spent in maintaining the information about the employee.

  3. Better Management:

    Technology helps make better HR decisions. As the demand for top talent increases, business will continue to look for better Employee management software solutions.

As technological penetration happens in the field of HR, one can expect companies to open a door for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. No matter what era we live in, there will always be a need for easy-to-understand, accessible and well-built tech solutions which solve major pain areas of HR managers


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