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Each individual has one goal set in mind when looking out for career opportunities – to land a job that they want that will help them grow and learn as professionals. Despite this being the goal of all job seekers, we must understand that no two job seekers are alike. They are measured by their capabilities, skills, and personalities that are being assessed and evaluated once they apply for any career opportunity. Recruiters are available to assist these job seekers land a job that they match or are available that suits their skills and capabilities. But what happens when recruiters meet job seekers who are naïve, fun, weird, — or a combination of everything?

Recruiters will eventually meet these types of Job seekers at a certain point in their recruiting lifetime. This will also focus on job seekers that Executive Search firms may encounter because recruiters from the Executive Search companies are handling various verticals or industries, and they also process different job seekers from entry-level roles to top management positions.


    Recruiters have surely met this type of job seeker already. It starts with the question “Tell me something about yourself?”– and does not seem to have an end to what this job seeker will tell you. This type will tell you every single achievement he or she has just to impress the recruiter. The candidate will start with his accomplishments when he or she was still studying, the candidate will tell you achievements that have made an impact in his or her life that has changed his or her outlook and perspective. The candidate will also tell you about the achievements of doing ad-hoc responsibilities and attending volunteer activities with current and past employers. This type of job seeker will not miss out on anything and will tell the recruiter what he or she did in specific detail. This type of job seeker will attach several documents to his or her resume supporting all the information he or she has declared. What’s good about this type of job seeker is that when recruiters ask information about what he or she has done as a professional, the candidate can also say that he or she has achieved a lot handling a specific function or role and was able to perform effectively in his or her chosen specialization. This only shows that not only the candidate is committed to his or her job but he is also passionate about other things that can make a variable change as well.


    This type of job seeker did not use someone else’s identity to apply, this means that everything this job seeker declares may not be exactly true. Especially with his task or function with his or her past employers. The Candidate may declare that He or She has done specific tasks and functions but in reality, the candidate never did and was just exposed to the process while working with his or her past employers that is why he or she has the idea of how the process would be. This type of job seeker will tell you this information to add value to himself or herself as a professional. Recruiters need to be aware of this type and make sure that they are able to probe well and ask the job seeker to elaborate on specific details and information to check if the job seeker has really done the task or if he or she really understands the concept or is just making it up to get the job he or she is interested in.


    Executive Search recruiters use modern technology in reaching out to potential candidates for several career opportunities. They use several job boards, online recruitment engines, and other sourcing channels – and this is where they can observe the presence of this type of job seekers. Clickers are job seekers who go online to hunt for jobs, they access several job boards and just start clicking and applying to whatever career opportunity is available. When recruiters call them and ask if they are aware of what they applied for, the answer is a simple No. This type of job seekers are pushing their luck to be able to find a job – and that would be any job for that matter. They would not bother reading about the opportunity or at least the job description.


    This type of job seeker is someone who can do different types of work, who has exposure to different types of industries, who is knowledgeable of various concepts and processes but is not necessarily very competent at any of them. Yes, they do know how the role is supposed to function but somehow, this type lacks mostly in the technical and application aspect. As much as he or she seems to be capable of handling a specific function, it is still recommended that this type should have more experience and exposure for him to be able to gauge the role better.


    This type is of a job seeker is every recruiter’s dream to acquire and process. These are people who fit the opportunity exactly how they are supposed to be and how they are capable to function. These types of people are the perfect fit the client would be very interested in. They are strong, competent, and highly-functional workers. They know and understand every aspect of the role and are capable of handling it as well. They are achievers and are truthful in terms of information that they declare.

Job seekers have different personalities and behaviors. Some have confidence in their skills and are aware of the career direction that they want to take. Some are yet to discover their place in the professional world. With whatever has been stated above, job seekers should be aware that recruiters are highly-skilled professionals and are competent workers who can easily trace whether an applicant is truthful or not.

This article does not ridicule or discriminate job seekers from applying to whatever opportunity is presented to them. However, job seekers should be able to assess and evaluate themselves first before eyeing for an opportunity. This will eventually save time and effort for both the job seeker and the recruiter. 

Harper and Hill Executive Search Inc have had experience in dealing with these types of job seekers.  Our network of partners and clients opens doors to possible opportunities that we can present to our candidates, however, candidates should also make an effort to be truthful to themselves and understand what they can do as professionals. Harper and Hill Executive Search Inc understand that candidates are different from one another and are motivated by several factors. It is our job to help you land a job that fits you as a person and as a professional.

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