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What is Emotional Well-being at Work?

Emotional wellness at work is important. Our emotions can have a big impact on our work and on our relationships at work. So positive employee emotions would have a positive influence on the workplace. It also shows that positive emotions impact multiple areas at work such as: Employers are taking a greater interest in their employees’ well-being by promoting emotional wellness at work. We all need a certain amount of interest and pressure in our working lives to feel happy, and productive. But there can be a risk if there’s not enough pressure, or too much. Team meeting featured image Emotional wellness is concerned with an individual’s ability to cope with challenges in a healthy, productive way, and encompasses self-care, self-esteem and stress management. Employee wellbeing doesn’t need to be costly. Minimal investment can produce effective results. There are 3 reasons to promote wellbeing in the workplace. 1. Increases productivity and motivation. Healthy employees can physically perform better because they have more energy. They are also more efficient and more focused. 2. Bring teams together and build morale. When teams engage in wellness initiatives together outside and inside work they have a shared purpose which builds camaraderie. 3. Decreases work-related stress. Fitness and healthy eating can reduce stress and if a company can implement mindfulness and meditation this will also help people reduce stress. Ignoring emotional health – both on a personal level and on the organizational level – can have consequences that are much more concerning than a few moments of awkwardness, such as higher rates of employee burnout, interpersonal conflicts, and decreased productivity Emotional wellbeing at work matters. If you’re in an unhealthy state of mind and focused on what’s going wrong in your life, it’s hard not to bring that to work. Many employers don’t yet understand the connection between emotional wellbeing and productivity, healthy employees

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