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Work Habits that Creates a Better You

The small things that we do on a daily basis in the workplace can seriously affect what we feel in the establishment that we are working for and change that shaky, rugged way to the office to a better, more comfortable road to be in. If we choose to see and approach things from a different perspective of light then you will be surprised how much of an impact it creates for the individual working amidst different personalities, a challenging environment, and what kind of influence they will start to spread in the organization. You do not have to be a saint to have or implement good habits in your respective industries, it’s not as hard as it seems or how you perceive it to be, it just takes a pinch of good personality and a dash of willingness to change negative behavior to something better.

Good working habits have a lot of benefits than just productivity and fostering better relationships with their colleagues, it actually creates and opens up the opportunity for better company culture to be made and established. In the long run, it helps in molding the person to be in tip-top shape and starts to carve a path to a more successful career. A sense of fulfillment you might even call it when you are able to adapt to these practices and implement it as a part of your lifestyle.

The workplace can be a very overwhelming and stressful place to be in, especially if you are relatively new to the organization or you’re currently settling in on a different environment for the very first time. I would like to say that these things are just in the norm and it will probably just take a little bit of adjustment and some getting used to for you actually be more at ease. It is to take note though that once you are able to get your things straight and more into order, you should try implementing these working habits that will further mold and create a better you.

Taking Criticisms well featured image
Take Criticisms well

A working habit that you should always keep in mind and put into the heart. The idea of most people and the stereotypical thinking is that criticisms is a bad thing that is mostly used to degrade the idea or work of another, it is something that starts and creates negativity when looked or perceived in the wrong perspective.

You are working in an environment that is full of diverse personality traits, they have different opinions and sometimes it is inevitable that you might not even be able to see expectations and standards eye to eye. Keep an open mind, most of the time the comments on the others side is what you call constructive criticisms. Feedback is valuable within the organization for you to see a clearer picture and dive deeper into what four corners your ideas are confined by.

It will only be a negative attribute if you choose to see it that way. What constructive criticisms open is the opportunity to further expand your ideas and sometimes even help you learn from your past mistakes. Accepting criticism will help the individual grow, you might not be able to see it right now that clearly, but in due time you will be able to realize that these criticisms will become a huge lesson on your part.

“If you take everything personally and to heart, it will tear you apart. Take criticism, learn, adjust, and move on. –Johnny Iuzzini

  • Be A Problem Solver and Not A Complainer

Problem Solver featured image
Problem Solver

The most common problem in the workplace is that there are too many people who have so much to say but have nothing much to contribute or do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not contradicting being open to ideas and taking into consideration constructive criticisms but what I mean is that don’t just be that person that’s all bark and no bite. Rather than complaining when there are problems that arise in the workplace, try conducting solutions to solve the problem.

This working habit when mastered will show how capable you truly are with your job. Not only will becoming a problem solver in the office expand your horizons and heighten your analytical skills, but it will also help show the management or the team your potential and the capabilities you actually possess.

The idea behind this habit is that it trains the mind of the individual to work under pressure and use his past experiences as a platform to better conduct decisions. When constantly faced with challenges you need to use this opportunity to the best of your advantages. You will never know, the attitude and the leadership that you portray in the office just might even help you earn that promotion you have been longing for without you even asking for it personally.

“Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it.” –Travis Kalanick

  • Be Prepared to Not Know Everything

Learning new things featured image

Most misunderstandings and conflicts in the office that emerge seemingly start with the lack of communication and the bad misinterpretation that when you enter the competitive workplace environment you are supposed to know everything. Don’t go around doing stuff in the office without clearly understanding what’s supposed to be done. You might actually become more of a liability than an asset if you are doing things that you do not have complete grasp and control over. It just might burst into flames without you even knowing it.

It’s okay not to know every single thing in the world. What you need to do when you don’t know something is that you should learn to ask others or if push comes to shove learn to do your research and learn new things. Don’t be a hard head and be that super prideful person that acts like they know everything when in fact behind that front they put up is a person chaotically questioning themselves.

Learning never stops even after you graduate from your degree or have finally managed to earn that doctorate with the highest honors. Let’s face it, in the ever-expanding world of today where information is in the palm of your hands, it is basically your own game if you would want to stay ignorant.

Never be afraid to ask for questions and feedback when you do not clearly understand instructions. Clarify if necessary, people would appreciate questions if you do not know things. It does not show or portray that you weren’t listening, it just shows that you truly are engaged and want to mitigate mistakes and minor misconceptions from emerging.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln

  • Always Do Your Best

Whatever task or work that may be given or assigned to you, be it easy or hard, always give in your best efforts and do it with the best of your abilities. The simple habit of always doing your best in the workplace will help you build up your standards in your work and makes it that you won’t just settle for less or in the incompetent side of things for the sake of finishing up.

Always do your best featured image
Always do your best

This will boost your performance to a whole new level and one day you will be astonished by yourself that your best could even be exceeded. It is basically a life hack where you watch your best suddenly gets better. It is a method of breaking your barriers and expanding your capabilities to a top-notch you.

The management won’t ever be able to take you for granted and it just makes you a very valuable component to your respective organization. It’s a win-win for both sides don’t you think?  as you’re able to flourish your skills and better yourself, the organization is also able to gain more income and in hindsight creates better offers for you to be retained, not wanting one of their top talents to find better opportunities.

“Every job is good if you do your best and work hard. A man who works hard stinks only to the ones that have nothing to do but smell.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder


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