Learning in the Workplace

The ability of the human being to learn new things have boundless limits and is a very outstanding ability that we all share. Most of the time when then individual graduates from college, the state of mind is that the journey of learning also stops there. Well, you’re mistaken, learning does not stop there and […]

Keeping the Right People: Performance Management

Performance Management is a process that provides feedback, accountability, and documentation for performance outcomes. It helps employees to channel their talents towards the organizational goals. An effective performance and appraisals process focuses on aligning your workplace, building competencies, improving employee performance and development, and driving better business results. It ensures employees get the continual direction, […]

10 Qualities that Defines a Good Leader

Everyone is a leader but only a selected few are a great leader. A leader is someone who establishes a clear vision and guides the team towards that vision by empowering and coaching them to greatness. Being a good leader is the most important part of having an engaged and productive team. Great leaders find […]

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Employees

Providing a healthy relationship with your employees is an essential factor for the people you work with and the prosperity of the company. There are a variety of flaws and problems that may arise from not having the proper relationship with the people you work with. Internal disputes, conflicts, issues, baseless rumors, and misunderstandings are […]

Human Resource Management in Organization

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term to describe the management of people within an organization. HR Managers are responsible for three major areas: Staffing, Employee Compensation, and Benefits and Defining/Designing work. The purpose of HRM is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees. HRM plays a strategic […]

Coping with stress featured image

How to Cope Up with Stress from Work

You can’t deny the fact that at a certain point in time in your career that you have encountered some form of stress. Well, it might be quite normal to have some certain levels of stress come up when working in an organization. Chronic or accumulated stress from work can be a danger to an […]

The Importance of HR Policies and Procedures

The HR Department of any company is the people who have been hired as employees of a company to select, recruit assess new candidates, as well as create the procedures and HR policies of companies. It is said that the HR Department and its policies and procedures are the real backbone and foundation of a […]

Job Shadowing Featured Image

What is Job Shadowing?

Have you heard what Job Shadowing is? Job shadowing is the given name to the opportunity to observe or “shadow” someone doing their job. Job-shadowing is also close to informational interviewing, in which career-explores or job-seekers conduct short interviews with people in their prospective professions. It is used to provide an individual within a department […]

4 Ways to Promote Communication in the Workplace

Good communication is an essential factor that enables the flow of a conversation to start. It conveys thoughts into words and creates an opportunity to exchange different ideas. Opinions and different perspectives emerge and better understanding comes into play. In the long run, genuine communication increases the productivity in the workplace. It creates a good […]

IT tools for HR featured image

The New Wave of Technology in Human Resource

Entrepreneurs have acknowledged the power of Information Technology (IT) tools for reaching business targets. They aim to achieve competitiveness in the field of HR by providing constant education and training program. Technology has changed the way recruiters contact their employees, store files and analyze employee performance. With technology present, HR practices are more efficient. Good […]





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